Delicious puff canned fish salad

A simple fish salad is easy to prepare from canned fish in its own juice or in oil. Saury in oil is ideal for this salad. Not boiled carrots will add lightness and freshness, but pickled cucumber will add spice. A flaky appetizer turns out with a bright, rich taste, and it can be prepared in a matter of minutes.

There are a lot of cooking options. You can make a salad with chicken, beef, sausage, pickled mushrooms and serve by combining all the ingredients in one vase, or you can make a layered salad using a pastry ring.

Delicious layered canned fish salad with potatoes and cucumber

For starters, take canned food, for example, "Saury in Butter". Remove the fish pieces from the jar.

Use a fork to mash the pieces in a separate bowl.

Grate boiled potatoes and place in the first layer in a mold. Thicken each layer a little.

Then add a layer of minced fish, not a thick layer.

Add some finely chopped onion on top of the fish.

Apply a fine mesh of mayonnaise.

Layer a layer of pickled cucumber cut into strips.

Again a layer of grated potatoes, on which apply a net of mayonnaise.

And with the top, final layer, put the grated fresh carrots.

Move the fish and vegetable salad to the refrigerator for one hour to soak the layers.

The result is worth it, the dish is very nutritious and delicious. And such a layered salad with canned fish is perfect for the holidays and, of course, will be a worthy decoration of the festive table along with Olivier and Fur coat.