Marinated squash with tomatoes for the winter

Patissons do not have a pronounced taste. They look more like zucchini, only more bland, which is probably why they are often salted and pickled. From squash and tomatoes, a very tasty assortment is obtained in a fragrant marinade, which can be preserved for the winter according to a very simple recipe.

For preservation for the winter, it is better to take young squashes with a diameter of no more than 8 cm, in such fruits the seeds have not yet formed and the flesh is very tender and elastic. Large, overgrown fruits are not suitable for such a harvest; it is better to use them in other cases where prolonged heat treatment is used (boiling, stewing).

For the preparation of assorted vegetables, as in our case, it is better to choose ripe tomatoes, but not too ripe, it is desirable that they are dense, small and of the same size.

Pickled squash with tomatoes and bell peppers recipe

All vegetables, including greens, are washed and left on a towel to dry a little. Cut the squash into slices 1 cm thick, cut the tomatoes in half.

We remove the seeds from the sweet pepper and cut it into long slices to make it easier to get out of the container.

At the bottom of clean sterilized jars we place spices, slices of squash and on top of halves of tomatoes. We put vegetables quite tightly. Distribute the dill and parsley sprigs between the vegetables. The amount of spices can be changed at will, there are no clear rules here and it all depends on your preferences.

Boil water in a saucepan and pour it in a thin stream into the center of the jar to the very top edge. Leave the vegetables to warm up for 10 minutes.

Pour the slightly cooled aromatic infusion back into the saucepan, add salt and sugar according to the recipe and bring to a boil on the stove. Boil the brine for 1-2 minutes, pour in the vinegar and immediately remove from heat.

Gently fill the vegetables with marinade and cover with prepared lids, but do not twist! Pre-boil the lids in clean water for 1 minute, and leave in it until the moment of use.

Place the jars filled with vegetables in a pot of hot water and place them on the stove. We put a cotton towel in 2-3 layers at the bottom so that the jars do not burst during the pasteurization process. From the moment the water boils in a saucepan, pasteurize the workpiece for 10 minutes over medium heat.

We take out a vegetable platter with squash and tighten the lids with a wrench, or simply turn them all the way if we use screw ones.

Marinated squash with tomatoes for the winter are ready. We remove the preservation jars for storage in a cool place until winter.