Egg omelet with cottage cheese - a simple and quick breakfast

An excellent solution for a hearty, nutritious and healthy breakfast is an egg and cottage cheese omelet. The combination of simple ingredients and the ability to improvise has made this dish the most popular in the world. We offer a simple and quick recipe for the dish - an omelet with cottage cheese, which will surely please all supporters of a healthy diet.

For the dish, choose fresh country eggs with a bright yolk and non-sour cottage cheese with a fat content of 9%. Cream can be substituted for milk. The composition and quantity of spices can be changed to taste. A thick-walled non-stick skillet with a lid is best for cooking eggs.

Put cottage cheese in a serving bowl, pour cream. Stir the mixture with a fork.

Add eggs, a pinch of salt, ground pepper and some spices.

Beat the mixture lightly with a whisk. The splendor of the omelet does not depend on the whipping time, just stir the contents.

Put butter and vegetable oil in a dry frying pan, heat until bubbles appear. Pour in the egg mixture. Cook over medium heat for two minutes.

Cover the pan with a lid, reduce the heat to a minimum, continue to simmer until tender. Sprinkle the hot omelet with finely chopped green onions.

Put the dish on a serving plate, garnish with herbs, add fresh vegetables.

Curd omelet turns out to be very delicate in taste, with an airy structure, cheesy with a milky aftertaste.

This diet breakfast is perfect for the whole family and will surely please everyone. Use the recipe as an easy way to feed your baby cottage cheese.