"New Year's Tale" salad

The "New Year's Tale" salad is prepared in a matter of minutes. Delight your loved ones with a fabulously delicious salad for the New Year.

Cooking time 15 minutes


Eggs 3 pcs

Sausage cervelat 200 g

Canned corn 200 g

Baltic cheese 100 g

Provencal mayonnaise 2-3 tbsp l.

Sugar 1 pack

Garlic clove 2 pcs

Lettuce leaves (for decoration)

Salt to taste


Boil eggs until tender, cool and peel.

Dice the boiled eggs and cervelat into a bowl.

Add grated cheese and corn.

Add mayonnaise and pressed garlic. Mix.

Before serving, add the croutons and place on a platter with lettuce. Decorate with lemon slices.

The "New Year's Tale" salad is ready. Can be served with a festive New Year's table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!