Cake "Fairy house"

Cake "Fairy House" will make your New Year's Eve truly magical. Children will be delighted with such a New Year's miracle.

Cooking time 1 hour 40 minutes


Chocolate biscuits (+5 extra) 5 pcs

Curd mass 200 g

Sour cream 10% fat. 50 g

Orange 1 piece

Wafer rolls (+ 4 spare) 4 pcs

Cereals (white stars) 1, 5 stack.

Icing sugar (for glaze) 200 g

Milk 2.5% fat. (or cream) 1-1, 5 stack.

Confectionery sprinkles (for decoration)

Breakfast cereals (corn flakes) 1/2 stack.

Zephyr (white) 4 pcs

Coconut flakes (for decoration) 1 pack

Prepare the base of the Fairy House in advance according to the main cake recipe "Chocolate sausage". Place a plastic bag or cling film into a container (mold) and fill it with a chocolate-sand mass. Close the lid. Send to freezer for 3 hours.

Remove the chocolate cube from the mold, check the stability of the lower part of the house, if it staggers, trim the base with a knife, cutting off the irregularities. Place the cube house on the plate. Prepare the icing by mixing powdered sugar and milk into a viscous mass, pour it over the walls of the house.

Prepare the icing by mixing powdered sugar and milk into a viscous mass, pour it over the walls of the house. In, cut a door out of a brown cookie, press it into the glaze for gluing, then decorate the corners of the house with stars.

Until the glaze is dry, everything sticks easily.

Peel the orange so that long slices are formed from the peel, which can be easily cut into long strips. Make windows out of them. If there is a confectionery dressing in the form of small flowers, glue them to the bottom of the windows, like a hint of flowers in pots. And on the door like a handle.

Stir the sweet curd mass with half the sour cream. Lubricate the house on top with curd mass, giving it a triangular shape (front and back views), that is, preparing the basis for a gable roof. To strengthen the base of the roof, lay out 2 wafer rolls along the edge of the right and left walls (looking at the door of the house, this is its front part). Put 1 tube in the middle of the roof, parallel to the other two, along the highest point of the roof. That is, leaning on this central tube, I will join the edges of the cookies (roof slopes) at its highest point. 4 cookies, which will become the roof of the roof, smear with sour cream and then - with a thin layer of curd mass. Glue the cookies to the base of the roof.

If voids have formed on the facade, they can be filled with stars, smeared on one side with curd mass. Using the same method, dipping in cottage cheese or sour cream, glue the stars to the roof along its entire perimeter.

Cut 3 marshmallows into small pieces, lay out a path from them to the house, roll small snowballs from the rest of the mass, pre-wetting your palms with hot water. Cut the last marshmallow into thick plates and cut the Christmas trees from the plates, to which to glue the confectionery sprinkles. Lay the path to the house with asterisks, lay the sides with corn flakes. Sprinkle the yard with coconut.

Pipe - with the most wobbly element, so install it last. Finding the correct cut angle for installing the waffle tube on the roof at 90 degrees to the ground line. Cut off. We dip the junction into cottage cheese, attach. The white mass (excess glue) can be covered with brown cookie crumbs so that the stain does not catch the eye. Due to its intricacy and fabulous look of the finished product, this cake is always guaranteed success, especially with children. Try it, come up with your own engineering solution. And have great pleasure from the process, homemade delight and bright taste!

Bon appetit!