Dobrynya puff salad with chicken and walnuts

Dobrynya puff salad with chicken and walnuts will not go unnoticed on the festive table, and guests will appreciate the hostess's efforts.

Cooking time 45 minutes


Chicken fillet 200 g

Prunes 100 g

Walnuts 50 g

Provencal mayonnaise 50 g

Baltic cheese 50 g

Natural beets 2 pcs

Natural carrots 2 pcs

Eggs 3 pcs

Salt to taste


Put the grated boiled beets in the first layer. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Lay out a layer of grated boiled carrots. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Boil the chicken fillet until tender and cool.

Put the finely chopped chicken fillet in a third layer and add a little salt. Lubricate with mayonnaise.

Layer a layer of chopped prunes.

In a separate bowl, mix together grated boiled eggs, grated cheese and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise.

Lay on top of the prunes.

Top with a layer of finely grated second beetroot. Grease a little with mayonnaise.

Grind the nuts into crumbs.

Sprinkle the salad with nut crumbs and garnish with boiled eggs.

Puff salad with chicken and walnuts is ready. Let the salad brew for 2-3 hours and serve to the festive table.

Bon appetit! Happy Easter!