Chamomile salad

This delicious Chamomile salad can be prepared with any canned fish.

Cooking time 45 minutes


Canned green peas 200 g

Canned fish (without oil) 100 g

Potatoes 2-3 pcs

Carrots 2 pcs

Dill 1 bunch

Provencal mayonnaise 2-3 tbsp l.

Green salad leaves

Salt to taste

Eggs 3 pcs


Boil eggs, carrots and potatoes in advance, cool and peel.

Dice the carrots and potatoes into a bowl.

Remove bones and skin from fish.

Add chopped fish and peas to a bowl.

Season with mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Place the serving rings on a dish with lettuce leaves.

Place the salad in the rings.

Sprinkle with finely chopped dill on top.

Before serving, remove the rings and decorate with boiled eggs (lay out the flowers and add greens).

Chamomile salad is ready. Can be served with a festive table.

Bon appetit!