Rhubarb jam with lemon

Surprise your guests with an outlandish lemon-flavored rhubarb jam. Delicious and very healthy jam for the winter.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Rhubarb 1 kg

Sugar (sand) 700 pcs


Cut off many stems from the rhubarb bush. Remove the leafy part.

Peel the stems.

Cut the stems into small pieces. (less is better).

Place in a bowl and cover with sugar. (one to one).

Leave for a couple of hours, rhubarb immediately gives juice and sugar gradually melts.

Pass the lemons through a meat grinder.

Add to the pot with rhubarb and sugar.

Stir and put on fire. Cook over medium heat, stirring for 20-25 minutes.

Pour into clean jars and cork.

Delicious rhubarb jam with lemon is ready. You can put it in the cellar before winter.

Bon appetit!