Gooseberry jam for the winter

With such a delicious and rare gooseberry jam, you will have something to please not only yourself on a cold winter evening over a hot cup of tea.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Gooseberry (red) 1 kg

Sugar (sand) 1 kg

Zhelfix 20 g


Collect the berries and wash well.

Sort out the berries and remove the tails and twigs.

Pass the berries through a meat grinder.

Mix the gelatin and 2 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar in a separate bowl.

Pour the rolled berries into a saucepan and add the jellied sugar.

Put on fire and cook until boiling. Add remaining sugar and stir. Cook for another 5 minutes, remove from heat and remove foam.

Pour into clean jars.

Screw on the lids and store in the cellar.

Bon appetit and Yummy Winter!