Potato pancakes

Delicious and aromatic potato pancakes for Shrovetide. Surprise your guests!

Cooking time 40 minutes


Milk 500 pcs

Potatoes 200 g

Flour 150 g

Eggs 2 pcs

Vegetable oil 2-3 tbsp. l.

Butter 20 g

Salt to taste


Pour milk into a large bowl and add eggs.

Add vegetable oil.

Whisk well.

Peel the potatoes, cut into small pieces, put them in a saucepan and cover with water. Cook until tender.

Transfer the potatoes to a bowl, add the butter and salt a little. Mash well with a crush. Cool mashed potatoes.

Add mashed potatoes.

Mix well with a whisk.

Add flour and salt.

Mix well with a whisk until the dough is homogeneous.

Bake in a preheated pan on both sides.

Put the prepared pancakes on a dish.

Our delicious potato pancakes are ready. Can be served at the table.

Bon appetit!