Banana cheesecake with cottage cheese

Banana cheesecake with cottage cheese without baking is a wonderful dessert for the holiday. The banana-flavored curd layer is very light and melts on the cookie crust.

Cooking time 2 hours


Cookies 300 g

Curd 300 g

Sugar 120 g

Sour cream 100 g

Water (for gelatin) 100 g

Butter 80 g

Gelatin 20 g

Banana 3-4 pcs


Grind the cookies with your hands.

Pass the cookies through a meat grinder.

Add soft butter.

Well, you knead the butter with the cookies to get a wet crumb.

Cover the detachable form with parchment.

Add the cookie crumbs and tamp well. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Put the gelatin in a bowl and cover with cold water for 30 minutes.

Put cottage cheese and sour cream in a large bowl.

Peel bananas.

Add chopped bananas and sugar.

Punch with a blender until smooth.

Transfer the swollen gelatin to a saucepan and heat.

Add gelatin to the milk mass and mix well.

Pour the mixture into a mold on top of the cookie sheet. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Put the cheesecake out of the pan and garnish with the banana slices. Cut into pieces.

Our banana cheesecake with curd is ready.

Bon appetit!