Verona smoked chicken and pineapple salad

Delicious salad with smoked chicken, cheese and pineapple for a festive table.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Raw smoked brisket 200 g

Canned corn 200 g

Cheese 100 g

Canned pineapple 100 g

Mayonnaise 2 tbsp l.

Parsley (greens) to taste


Remove the chicken fillet from the bones, grate the cheese.

In a bowl, combine finely chopped chicken fillet and grated cheese.

Add canned corn and diced pineapples.

Boil eggs, cool and peel.

Cut eggs into cubes in a bowl and add mayonnaise. Stir and place in a salad bowl.

"Verona" salad with smoked chicken and pineapples is ready. Can be served at the table.

Bon appetit!