Lightly salted herring

Lightly salted herring is one of the most delicious and desirable snacks on the festive table. This recipe will help you make delicious lightly salted herring at home.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Boiled water 1 l

Herring 2 pcs

Salt 3 tbsp. l.

Sugar 1 tbsp. l.

Black peppercorns 10 pcs

Allspice peas 5-7 pcs

Bay leaf 2-3 pcs


Defrost herring and wash.

Remove heads and entrails.

Cut the fish into pieces, peel the caviar from the films.

Place the fish pieces in a container.

Pour boiled cooled water into a bowl, add 1 tablespoon sugar and 3 tablespoons of salt. Stir the brine.

Add 2-3 bay leaves, 5-7 black allspice peas, 10 black peppercorns to the container.

Pour with brine and cover.

Refrigerate for 48 hours (2 days).

Lightly salted herring is ready. Put the finished herring in a herring pot and garnish with onions, pour sunflower oil on top and serve.

Bon appetit!