Chicken fillet Le Cordon Bleu


Chicken breast fillet 4 pcs

Ham slice 4 pcs

Slice of cheese 4 pcs

Parsley (greens) 2 sprigs

Breadcrumbs or crackers 100-120 g

Eggs 2 pcs

Wheat flour of the highest grade 2 tbsp. l.

Bulgarian pepper 100 g

Cherry tomatoes 3 pcs

Lettuce leaves 1 pc

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

Put the chicken fillet on a cutting board and beat it off with a rolling pin so that the thickness of the piece is more or less uniform over the entire area. Salt and pepper fillets.

We interrupt the bell pepper with a blender in porridge and evaporate until creamy with the addition of salt and garlic.

Spread the cooled pepper on the entire surface of the fillet. Put ham, cheese and parsley on top.

We turn into a roll.

Roll in flour.

Dip in eggs lightly beaten with salt.

Roll in crackers or bread crumbs. Put on a baking sheet and send to an oven preheated to 200 degrees for about 25 minutes, until tender and crispy brown.

We cut it obliquely and serve it to the table.

Bon appetit!