Canapes with fish

Canapes with fish, fresh cucumber, egg pancake and olive, your guests will not resist such a snack.

Cooking time 30 minutes


Eggs 2 pcs

Fresh cucumber 1 pc

Lightly salted red fish 50 g

Canned black olives 50 g

Mayonnaise 1 tbsp l.

Vegetable oil 1 tbsp. l.

Salt 1 pinch.


Break 2 eggs into a bowl.

Whisk with 1 pinch of salt.

Bake a pancake in a frying pan greased with vegetable oil.

Add 1 tbsp to the edge. a spoonful of mayonnaise.

Add sliced ​​fresh cucumber and 50 g of lightly salted red fish fillet in strips.

Wrap in a roll and cut into pieces.

Put the pitted olives on the skewers and stick into each piece of the roll.

Put on a dish and serve an appetizer for the festive table.

Bon appetit!