Fish pate in tartlets

Fish pate in tartlets, a delicate snack that no fish lover will pass by.

Cooking time 40 minutes


10-12 tartlets

Lightly salted herring 1 pc

Red carrots 2 pcs

Processed cheese Latvian 2 pieces

Dill 1 bunch


Boil and peel the carrots. Rinse and dry the dill. Keep the cheese at room temperature.

Peel the herring and separate the fillet from the bones.

Fillet of fish, processed cheese and carrots mince.

Mix the mixture well in a bowl.

Stuff the tartlets with fish paste.

Garnish with dill sprigs before serving. Fish pate in tartlets is ready. Can be served with the New Year's table.

Bon Appetit, Happy New Year!