Lenten "Olivier"

The Lenten Olivier is a delicious version of your favorite salad that you can make in Fasting.

Cooking time 40 minutes


Mackerel 1 piece

Potatoes 2 pcs

Carrots 2 pcs

Pickled cucumbers 2 pcs

Canned green peas 50 g

Dill 1 bunch

Vegetable oil 2-3 tbsp. l.

Salt to taste


Boil potatoes and carrots, cool and peel.

Dice the potatoes and carrots into a bowl.

Add diced cucumbers and green peas.

Clean the entrails of the fish, remove the fins and head.

Peel fish fillets from small bones and skin.

Cut the mackerel fillets into cubes and place in a bowl with the vegetables.

Add oil and finely chopped dill. Salt as desired.

Mix well and let it brew for 15-20 minutes.

Our delicious Lenten Olivier salad is ready. Put on a platter and serve.

Bon appetit!