Chicken pockets with cheese

Chicken pockets with cheese, these are juicy chicken breasts with cheese and tomatoes on the inside and with a crispy crust on the outside. Mmm ...

Cooking time 30 minutes


Chicken fillet 3 pcs

Tomato 2 pcs

Cheese 100 g

Eggs 1 pc

Breadcrumbs to taste

Frying oil to taste

Greens (for decoration) to taste

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste


Rinse and dry the chicken fillet.

Make a cut in the middle of the fillet.

Season with salt and pepper, put the tomato and cheese slices inside.

Beat the egg and prepare the breadcrumbs.

Dip a pocket in an egg.

Roll in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.

Cut into slices and place on a platter with herbs.

Chicken pockets with cheese are ready. Can be served with a festive table.

Bon appetit! Happy New Year!