Shrimp and spaghetti

Shrimp and spaghetti, as well as an appetizing tomato sauce and a delicious lunch are ready. Enjoy your meal!

Cooking time 10 minutes


Shrimps 200 g

Spaghetti 100 g

Butter 50 g

Lemon 1/2 pc

Salt to taste

Tomatoes 2-3 pcs

Bulgarian pepper (dried) 20 g

Olive oil 1 tbsp l.

Garlic clove 2 pcs

Paprika to taste


Boil the spaghetti in salted water. Throw in a colander and add 25 g of butter. Boil the shrimps a little, peel and fry in the remaining oil. Squeeze lemon juice and pour over shrimp. Salt. Place the spaghetti and shrimp on a platter. Puree the tomatoes. Heat it on the stove, add a little bell pepper, chopped into small pieces, and garlic, squeezed in a garlic press. Season with salt and add a little olive oil and paprika. Heat the sauce well and serve with the shrimp and spaghetti warm. The shrimp and spaghetti are ready.

Bon appetit!